Sportscar Prototypes for Nascar Heat

The 70s was the great era for Sportscar Prototypes endurance racing. There was lots of famous races that were run for 500-100km or even 12-24h all over the world. It was the time of big-engine high powered cars whose constructors had just learned how to make use of aerodynamics.

And this the era of the famous Porsche 917, who was the base and backbone of Porsche becoming a legend on every race track. The 917 was basically build only to make Porsche for the first time win the Lemans 24h - and it did. And more, much more. It did win that much races that

One of Porsche's fiercest competitors was Ferrari and its 512. Engineered even before the 917 came to life, it's more developed versions could sometimes beat the 917s. Both cars are outstanding race cars that represent the early 1970s endurance racing perfectly. Beautifully shaped bodies, with aerodynamics more been guessed than (like today) computed. Very high powered, running on incredibly wide tires, with almost zero downforce - a challenge for each driver

Mod content:

  • Completely new-designed UI
  • 24 car paints come shipped with the mod
  • All cars have individual physics, engine sounds and detailed cockpits
  • All car models in the mod have been made from scratch for this mod. No convertions
  • Single-Player championship mode AI

The mod is intended to be run in HARDCORE mode !


The mod needs to have at least 100MB free discspace.

SCA download Sportscar Prototype mod (90MB)
download Multilayer Car Paint Template (9MB)

To run the mod you need to have installed Nascar Heat + patch Version 1.80.
If you don't have a Nascar Heat copy, get The Mod Squad's Heat Essentials Package, which is legally for free.