Group C Sportscar Challenge for Nascar Heat
GroupC Sportscar Challenge

The mod features some of the most awesome sportscars ever: GT/GroupC sportscar prototypes from the turbo era in the second half of the 80's. These cars were unbelievably fast groundeffect cars, able to go extremly high cornering speeds.

Group C/GTP cars were dominating most sportscar racing series and have been the most powerful cars apart from F1 in 1982-1990. On the climax of success, in 1987-1990, Group C and GTP races were highly competitive events, fought out by many different manufactorer's cars.

The era of these cars was ended by FIA when Group C races began to attract more manufactorers and spectators than F1. A change of rule led to development of some of the strangest alien-like racecars ever in 91/92 and to the definite end of Group C/GTP in 1992.

  • The mod features 9 GTP/Group C car types that all have been run for at least 2 years in the second half on the 80's
  • A total of 29 car paints from IMSA and Group C World Championship races in 1988 comes with the mod Additional 3rd party car paints are available on the download page
  • All car types have individual physics, engine sounds and cockpits
  • All car models in the mod have been made from scratch for this mod. No convertions

The mod is intended to be run in HARDCORE mode !

Download mod

The mod needs to have at least 95MB free discspace (55MB download).

GCSC download Group C mod V 1.30
download Multilayer Car Paint Templates

To run the mod you need to have installed Nascar Heat or the Heat Essentials Package provided by The Mod Squad. You also need to have installed Heat patch V 1.80. The install of additional road tracks is recommended

Download addon paints
preview Shane Crombie a.k.a. Zombie has made a great addon pack that adds 1984 Porsche car paints to Group C mod

download 1984 addon pack